Giani Granite for Countertops

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Todd B - "A la Mocha is what we ordered. Was expecting it to be more of a brown but it came out very well with the handles we went with and the hinges we are going to put on

Evelyn S - "looks really good

Todd B - "looking back at the pictures I am wondering if it was Slate Modern and just a mislabel... Next up will be the giani counter tops

Martha C -  "On their website it looks more like a glaze than a solid paint but in your picture it looks pretty solid. I want the more solid look so I was just wondering if you can still see some of the original cabinet color or if it really covers the whole thing to really look painted and not glazed/stained.

Todd B -  "It covers everything. I see nothing left of the horrible old cabinets

Martha C -  "Great! Just what I was hoping for. Was it fairly quick and easy like their countertop paint is?

Todd B -  "Yep. I cleared and taped the night before. Quick windex clean in the morning. Started painting at 9ish and had the new handles on and everything back in the cabinet by 7 including a break to go grab lunch and bumpers

Giani Granite - "Counters next?

Todd B - "Yup the counters are definitely next!

Giani Granite - "The White Diamond would look fantastic with your cabinets and appliances!! :)



                        Before                                      After with "Euro-Taupe"

   "My friend Wayne and I did the project together - counter and cabinets - at their family cottage in Canada.
   We started at 9:30am and finished at 7:30pm without any real breaks.  We painted the cabinets while waiting for the black coat of counter to dry.  The finish coats to the countertop were applied at midnight and then again at around 5am.  We only used one kit each to complete this project.
   The main thing we noticed is that there was very little odor.  We were pleasantly surprised.  The quick drying of the cabinets saved time, as we immediately went back to apply the second coat.
   The counters were basically "mistake-proof".  Though you were correct in stating the technique - we watched video - of not applying too much pressure to the sponge. 
   Results were amazing.  All the other cottage owners were in awe at the transformation. They said it looks like a million $ kitchen! The photos do not do it justice!
   Thank you again. Attached are our photos.  We will referred all our family and friends to your website to order product.
All my best,


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